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Human VS Synthetic Hair
Slovehair is a company who focus on developing and producing all kinds of hair products, such as braids, clips in, bundles, wigs and etc. Our company has started to explore Europe and Africa Market since 1993 and have export over 40 countries, has 5000+ agents worldwide.
Now we can't wait to bring our great hair here and share it with everyone! We company launchedBranding Partner Plan of Slovehair, we can sure this is amazing partner plan between us. You will get excellent return only if you have time to participate in it.

Slove Hair Brand Promotion Platform

Q : What is Branding Partner Plan of Slovehair

A: We will provide various tasks on platform for promotion of Slovehair. When you finish the easy tasks, Payments are deposited in your account, then you can apply for withdrawal.

Q : What benefits will you get from this Partner Plan?

A:We company invest $1 000 000 for Branding Partner Plan, As long as you participate, you will get a good return.
PS:Different tasks are rewarded differently. The more tasks you do, the more benefit you get.

Q : How to Join the Partner Plan?

A : There some tips for you~
 1. Pls follow our Facebook: Slovehairshop, send message slovehair brand through facebook, then we will send a Exclusive Invitation Code to you.
 2. Pls use the Invitation Code To complete registration at our partner planwebsite. Then you can proceed tasks get payment.
PS: We inspire u invite more people to be our Branding Partner, when the invited partner finish the task effectively, u would get extra 30% from her/his payment.

Q : How tmake money from this plan?

A : In this plan, we have 5 level tasks. Including: share the link, forward, crate the post, crate the video and Influencer Collaborate.
For different levels of tasks correspond to different payment. For more information, please see the specific mission details or contact us on Facebook.
The Collaborate task only available for Youtubers who got Subcribers more than 50 000. As long as you can create video, we will provide high payment, samples of the latest human hair and distribution commission.

Q: How to withdrawal money from your account?
A : When your account get over 10$, you can get withdrawal to yourself Paypal account.
PS:We can only pay u via PayPal.
Let us take action together and bring beauty to you& me and the world.