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Human VS Synthetic Hair
Return & Refund

In order to receive an exchange or refund the item must be returned in original condition, unused, in undamaged packaging. Hair extensions must still be attached to the cardboard packaging as they originally were, if you are not completely sure you will keep your item please do not detach from packaging as this may void your exchange or refund. We do not take any responsibility for unsatisfactory results achieved from dying extensions. This is because we cannot guarantee the products you are using will work with our extensions or the process in which the product was used. 99.9% of customers have no issues, but there are odd cases where the desired result is not achieved.

We are happy for you to feel the hair and hold next to your hair for colour matching, but do not detach from cardboard packaging or install the extensions as this will void your exchange or refund. If you are not satisfied you can simply place the hair back in the packaging and return it. You will be given a full refund minus the Initial shipping cost (whether you originally paid for shipping or not). No refunds or exchanges will be given for sale items.