Can I Be Your Valentine's Choice?
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Guideline For Your Wig

Can I Be Your Valentine's Choice?

by 孙钱 27 Jan 2022



Nowadays, people are getting more and more fashion looks with their own mind, not just because they want give themselves confidence and the most important thing is that to find others approval from deep of their heart and seek for the agreement.

Since Valentine’s day is coming, from now on it only has 14 days left out, isn’t that nice to impress your lover a fresh new look?

If I got to say about these three types of hair, not just they can save your bald or hair loss situation, it also can give people completely different impressions. I am going to suggest you some “dress codes” for that special day, my barbie dolls feel free to use some of my advice and I will be honored.



When you enter a party and wearing this romantic wave, it can catches everybody’s eye sight. White sweater inside with black leather outfit and add one pair work wear boots. When you flip your hair in the public, nobody can dodge your attraction.

Sippin soda or a cup of cocktail and put on one pair of big frame glasses, it makes me wonder you are a cool girl and hard to date but still get me challenge.


Imagine you are having the dinner with your lover, the left side candle is create the little light between you and he one. The light will reflect on your honey brown hair and cause it has the body wave more shiny.

Dark skin dolls could consider the low V neck plain white dress to increase an visual impact.


Light leopard pink little dress and carry with one barbie pink purse and wear this wine color hair is going to level up your taste and make you lover heart bounce.



Plain black dress and add one pair work wear boots, use the flat iron to curl the hair and make the hair body wave, after curls you can use the spray to get the hair wet and it will make the hair more bouncy. When you flip your hair in the public, nobody can dodge your attraction.

When you are out the street, the hair match it well with black frame glasses and with the cinnamon triangle wool cap and you may carry hot cocoa, and then put lambskin coat as for outfit, it’ll bring a amorous breath to this winter.


That's it,  four pathes dress code I offered to my barbie dolls. We also have other blogs like how to care your hair or make the first choice.

If you would like, you can give me some comments and I will see them all.

See you next time.




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