The Way To Have A Natural Look: From Installation to Styling
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Guideline For Your Wig

The Way To Have A Natural Look: From Installation to Styling

by ChenZhuo 12 May 2021


1. Measure And Choose The Wig Size Cap

Before you invest in a human hair wig, measure your head. Even though many wigs have adjustable straps, some wigs come in different sizes. In that case, it’s helpful to have your measurements handy to get the best fit.

1)    Measure from your hairline at your forehead to the nape of your neck.

2)    Measure from ear-to-ear over the top of your head, and across the hairline at your forehead.

3)    Measure across the nape of your neck at the base of your hairline.

4)    Measure from temple to temple around the back of your head.

5)    Measure the circumference, wrapping the tape from the forehead, behind the ears, and around the nape of the neck.

2. Pluck The Wig

Although our wigs are already pre-plucked. Due to different people have different orientations for pluck, so you can pluck it more by yourself. 

Want to know how to make a wig look real in front? Pluck the hairs along the wig’s part and hairline. Here’s the thing about wigs: they can be dense and unnatural looking around the hairline. Take a look at your natural hairline and where you part your hair. You can usually see some scalp as the hairs become sparser near the hairline. Plucking the hairs gives a more natural look. Here is a tutorial on how to pluck the wig.


To pluck, grab your tweezers and place the wig on either your head or a mannequin head. You don’t need to install it completely; wearing it will help you see where plucking needs to happen in relation to your natural hairline.

1)    Start at your hairline near your ear and pluck hair away from your face, towards the back of your head, being careful not to pluck the lace.

2)    Space out plucking so that it’s not too close together. For reference, consider the distance between the teeth on a wide-tooth comb.

3)    Pluck hairs so that there is no obvious line where the lace starts. There should be a gradient effect, so hair goes from less dense around the hairline to full coverage.

4)    If the hair is too dense at the part (and the part won’t change), lightly pluck to create a more natural-looking part.

3. Cut The Lace Fit Your Face

A simple tip for how to make a wig look real is to cut the lace while the unit is on your head. Why? Lace wigs come with extra lace that covers your forehead so you can easily place and secure the unit. You’ll cut the excess lace before you secure the wig.

To look like your natural hair, place the wig on your head and follow these steps:

1)    Clip the hair back, away from your forehead so you can clearly see your hairline.

2)    Adjust the unit until it’s placed where you want to secure it later.

3)    Make your first cut in the middle of your forehead towards the hairline, being sure not to cut any baby hairs you want to keep.

4)    As you cut along the hairline, avoid doing so in straight line. Follow your natural hairline and its curves.

5)    Clip the ear tabs, cutting away excess hair and lace. Make sure to stay close to the ears for the most natural look.


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