How to Make Your Wig not Shinier
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How to Make Your Wig not Shinier,and Different between synthetic and human hair wigs

by LiuKun 21 Dec 2023

Synthetic wigs allow you to achieve the look you desire quickly and easily. There is one common problem with synthetic wigs, and that is their excessive shine. This makes it obvious to others that the wig is artificial. How to make the wigs less shiny ? Follow our instructions below to deshine your wig.There are some tips let you know how to make your wig less shiny 

Tip #1: Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the most common and basic way to remove shine on a synthetic hair wig. Dry shampoo is a powdery substance which can instantly reduce the shine of your synthetic wig while maintaining its dreamy appearance.

You can spray a small amount of dry shampoo on your wig, and then wait until the shine begins to fade. Then spray more of the dry shampoo, a little at a time, until you achieve the desired look.

The downside to using dry shampoos is that they can temporarily discolor your wig. They do this by coating it in a powdery white color. You should select the correct dry shampoo for your particular wig to avoid this. You should choose a dry shampoo for darker hair if you have a dark brown or black wig. If you have a wig that is blonde, you can use any dry shampoo. The light powder can be covered by wigs in white and blonde colors.

Tip #2: Rinse, wash, and condition the wig

When it is brand new, your synthetic wig will be the shiniest. It's best to not wear your synthetic wig right away after taking it out of its box. It is important to wash your wig prior to wearing it. This will remove the shine and help make it appear more natural.

Wash your synthetic wig several times before applying any other method. Use the correct wig care product for your synthetic hair. The synthetic wig will gradually be damaged if you use products not designed for it.

Tip #3: Powder your hair

The baby powder is used to reduce diaper redness in children. You can also use it to remove excess shine from your wig. You can also use talc instead of baby powder. Please note that baby powder and talc should only be used if the wig you are using is light brown, grey or blonde.

Here's what you should do.

  • Your wig should be completely dry
  • Put it on a Stand
  • Dust the crown of your wig with powder.
  • Use a wig brush to distribute the powder through the hair
  • Shake the wig gently to remove excess powder
  • Your wig will now look more natural and less shiny.

Tip 4: Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product that has many health and beauty benefits. However, the purpose of its use in this context does not relate to beauty or health. Some wig-wearers use it to remove the shine from their synthetic wigs. Here is a guide to using apple cider vinegar.

  • Fill a spray with warm water, and add half a cup apple cider vinegar.
  • Shake the bottle well to evenly mix the solution
  • Place your wig in a wig holder
  • Spray the solution on your hair.
  • Spread the solution evenly by gently combing through your wig with your fingers
  • Air dry your wig

This method can be a little risky. Let's think carefully before taking the steps.

Tip #5: Softener for fabric

If you cannot find apple cider vinegar, fabric softener can be used to reduce the shine of your synthetic wig. Fabric softener is a good alternative to apple cider vinegar for deshining synthetic wigs. Mix the solution, then spray it on your wig. Once your wig is dry, you can see it becoming less shiny.

We also suggest that you consider the method before you apply it to your hair.

Tip #6: How to style your hair tactically

When your wig has a straight texture or a "perfect" style, it will shine more. It's best to give your wig a more wispier appearance. Style your wig in waves or curls to hide its shine.

You can create luscious waves with curling irons and tongs if your synthetic wig allows heat styling. If your wig does not allow for heat styling, then you can use rollers. This may require more time and energy.

Tip #7: Let the time answer

Your wig's shine can slowly diminish over time. Your synthetic wig will lose its shine as you wear it. Make sure to wash your wig frequently.

What if your wig is still too shiny?

If none of these methods work, you should consider whether your wig is high-quality. Low-quality wigs are usually shinier and appear more unnatural. We recommend investing in a synthetic wig of high quality (normally over $80), for better results.

If you want to save time and achieve the most natural appearance with your wig, then the best option is to choose a hair wig. You can achieve the look you desire with a human hair wig that feels soft and has a natural feel.

Here are seven tips to reduce the shine of your wig. Dry shampoo is for darker wigs. The powder method should be used only for lighter wigs. All the other methods can be used on any type of hairpiece, but you'll need to pay extra attention when using vinegar and fabric softener as a way to remove wig shine.

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs?

The fiber is the difference between human and synthetic hair wigs. Synthetic wigs can hold their style better after washing. human hair wig look and feel like real hair, but must be styled again after washing. Continue reading to find out what makes human hair and synthetic wigs so different.

how long do human ahir wigs last? 



Human Hair Wigs provide the most natural appearance and feel. While they may be more expensive, they will last longer if you take care of them properly. Human hair wigs can last from 1 to 3 years. The wigs are soft and have a movement and shine that cannot be replicated by synthetic hair.

Human hair is available in four main types: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and European/Caucasian. Most wigs use Asian hair. Chinese hair is thicker in denier (units of fineness), which makes it extremely straight. The hair is more resistant to curling and therefore can be difficult to style. Indonesian hair can be found in larger quantities and at a lower cost. It is often used in ethnic-style wigs. Indian hair is thinner and similar to European hair, but has a little more texture. European hair is most desired for its fine denier, but because of its limited availability on the market it is also more expensive.

However, the origin of the hair does not determine the strength and quality of the end product. The processing technique directly affects the quality and strength of the final product. Chemicals used to remove the original color and sanitize the hair to create different colors and patterns are strong and can damage the hair. The result of using higher-quality chemicals and more artistic processing methods is a better product at a higher price.

Remy human hair can be considered to be a high-end option. When collecting and creating the wig, the hair follicles must be kept in the same direction. Hair looks silkier and is less tangled when the cuticles are all running in one direction. only sells high-grade Remy Hair. Beware of imposters who offer products at low prices.

Use of products formulated specifically for highly-processed human hair is essential. Remember that hair worn out does not receive the natural oils of the scalp. It is essential to condition and hydrate hair every day.

human hair wigs  offer the best value for money if only quality matters.
 Human hair has a few drawbacks, besides the price. It requires maintenance, just like natural hair. Daily styling can be preferred by many as it gives them more control and a sense that they are doing something normal. A professional stylist can customize it to your liking.

Although it takes a little extra effort, the results are worth it.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair has made great strides in the last few years, thanks to technological advancements. It can be difficult to tell them apart in some cases. The density and texture is so similar that it feels almost like real hair. In fact, if the synthetic hair was not next to the real thing, it would be hard to tell the difference.

Synthetic hair can be worn straight out of the package with minimal styling. The fiber has a "memory", which allows hair to bounce back in place without much effort. The fiber can withstand bad weather conditions and guarantee that hair will not droop or frizz.

Synthetic hair is easy to style, but it's not as versatile as human hair. The synthetic hair cannot be styled in the same way as human hair. Heat styling is only possible with special Heat Friendly synthetic fibers. Even heat-friendly fibers can be hard to style, as the synthetic fiber is more resistant. Synthetic hair also has a shorter lifespan than human hair. If you take care of your synthetic hair, it can last 4-6 months. Heat-friendly synthetic hair will last 2 to 3 months. Follow our care instructions to ensure that your hair has the longest possible life!

When you consider the cost, the limited versatility of synthetics hair is less of an issue. You can choose to keep a variety of styles ready and available!

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